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Our Firm

Since 1947, American Mutual Group has been serving the needs of our community.  Our people are professionals who have the ability to focus on particular aspects of financial and insurance needs for small businesses, corporations and individuals.

As a diverse financial and insurance services organization, American Mutual Group has the flexibility of choosing from a number of products or vehicles to help you meet your particular needs. We are not locked into one provider. We work with many highly rated and financially sound companies.

And when you purchase a product through American Mutual Group, you will receive our guarantee of lifelong service. Our team of professionals will thoroughly assess and evaluate your objectives and priorities before any recommendation is made. Following your purchase, we will be in regular contact with you to ensure that your products are performing as promised, and to see if any new events in your life require adjustments to your financial and insurance program. 

Mission Statement

To contribute to the economic security of the people of Hawaii by providing insurance and related financial products and services with integrity and professional competence.

To stimulate the personal growth of our associates by providing career opportunities that are both challenging and rewarding.

To maintain our leadership as a growing, profitable and independent, Hawaii owned organization through the development of our human and material resources.

In these pursuits, we will always strive to be progressive in our ideas and sensitive to the changing needs of the society which we serve.


To be recognized as the State`s "best," to constantly strive to improve, allowing us to prosper as a business for the benefit of our customers and employees.

Fundamental to the success of our commitment are these values:

People -- Our most important asset. Involvement, teamwork, and commitment are the values that govern the work.

Product -- Our programs, services and facilities. They must be designed and operated with superior quality, to satisfy the needs of our customers.

Quality -- The quality of representing superior products and providing excellent services.

Improvement -- Never standing on past accomplishments, but always striving to improve our product lines and services.

Integrity -- We will never compromise our code of conduct. We are committed to American Mutual Group`s high standards of integrity.