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Is Charitable Giving for Me? 

Putting a portion of your wealth to work for the good of others is rewarding in many ways. 

You experience the pleasure of giving back to your community. 

You receive important tax advantages and benefits for you and your heirs.

Too often, we think we may not have the resources to make a significant contribution to a cause we feel strongly about. We may also be concerned that we don`t have a substantial estate to leave to our loved ones. So how can we justify giving our children`s inheritances away and risk their future financial well being? 

Certain charitable gifts, such as the charitable remainder trust and charitable lead trust, allow you to maintain or even enhance the value of your estate, avoid probate, decrease your federal estate taxes, and most importantly, provide a meaningful gift at your death. 

It`s never too late to begin thinking about a personal giving plan. If you have a favorite charity you would like to help, American Mutual Group can show you the most advantageous way to do so. Email Russell Y. Hoota or contact him at (808) 522-8788 and learn more about the options available and which is best for you.